Ana Tzarev Gallery x Bochic

Magazine and Magazine Categories and Notable , December 2012

Exclusive Latest Fine Jewelry Collection Preview

Last night, on December 19th many gathered for a high-class affluent affair showcasing diamonds in Ana Tzarev’s vastly diverse gallery. A full luxurious rose accented the enchanting entrance of the alluring art gallery, of the 75-year-old Croatian-born artist. The exclusive event previewed the latest collection of beautiful Bochic fine jewelry.

Each piece was meticulously handset with18-karat diamonds and they coincided brilliantly with the cluster of painted roses adorning the walls surrounding the capacious corridors. The two-tiered art gallery was the perfect event hall for the artistically crafted jewelry, designer David Joseph and his employees greeted guests and discussed the collection that has been blossoming over the past ten years.

Tzarev is for her use of vibrant color in a sculptural approach known as impasto and large-scale paintings. With a glass of liquid encouragement offered by AnestasiA and delicious crepes made by Mari Vanna, people ate and glanced at the glistening jewelry. The event was absolutely beautiful!