Bochic Mammoth Collection

Magazine and Magazine Categories and Notable , July 2011

Preview our newest work of art

Bochic is known for setting trends in the world of fine jewelry, many times being the first to experiment in new materials.  Behold our Mammoth Ivory Collection, a fusion of ancient Chinese art and classic European design.    Not to be confused with the illegal ivory of African and Indian elephants, mammoth ivory is procured from the permafrost in Siberia and then hand-carved into exquisite one-of-a-kind pieces.  Tusks of extinct woolly mammoths can only be gathered a few months out of the year as they emerge from the tundra where they have been frozen for thousands of years. Some say that fossilized mammoth ivory from Siberia helps counter-balance the demand for illegal ivory.

Earrings lend themselves triumphantly to this medium, the perfect way to showcase an artfully carved piece of history.

One of the most stunning pieces of the collection is the Mammoth Link Bracelet with domes of ivory sparkling with diamond starbursts.

Leather cuffs are adorned with hand-carved cameo’s and surrounded with diamonds.  Solid pieces of mammoth ivory are intricately carved and enhanced with artfully placed diamond filigree.

Above and below are two new additions to our mammoth collection. These two earrings showcase delicate carvings in the fossilized mammoth ivory and are combined with diamonds in a way that only Bochic could imagine.