Roaring Twenties Inspiration

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Clara Bow, Great Gatsby, Flappers and More

Bochic represents a certain kind of woman, a woman of confidence and style with vibrancy and curiosity to life much like the women of the 1920’s.

The Roaring Twenties redefined womanhood- a new woman evolved, one that valued her freedom but did not lose her elegance and grace. She drank and smoked in public, held closer body contact in dancing, dared to have shorter haircuts, bold make-up and changed her fashion style completely to match her new ways.

Fashion has always been influenced by cultural change and customs. Twenties fashion entered the modern era much like the women who wore it. In line with progress in other areas in the 1920’s, women’s fashion became a form of artistic expression which transmitted their free spirit through new fabrics and vibrant colors.
The newly born woman of that time was a multitasker – she was holding a steady job by day, fulfilling her family and financial obligations and by night she turned into a flamboyant impulsive flapper. Both during day or night she took great pride of her appearance.
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